Carlos Henrique Cabral Duarte

Carlos Henrique Cabral Duarte

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Personal Information

I was born in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais State, Brazil, in 1970. That is why I love to eat the delicious cheese bread mineiro. I am married to Ana Paula and have a daughter and a son, Carolina and Thiago, from a previous marriage. 

Public Profile and Social Networks

I am quite open to disseminate my personal data using the Internet. I am a heavy user of social networks and keep personal profiles in Facebook and Instagram.

I keep professional profiles in Twitter, LinkedIn and AngelList. I also have academic profiles in ResearchGatePublons, ORCID and Mendeley. You can find more about my professional and academic life in my CV, my Lattes CV or my Google Scholar page.

My hobby is to read science fiction romances. I am also an amateur astronomer.